Welcome to STEM-APKS!

This is STEM-APKS, a great resource for tutorials on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Application Packages. We mainly focus on Open-Source Software and Programming tools, as well as, recently introduced low-priced educational hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi. You will also find a lot of information on diverse subjects like using Octave to run Matlab-written engineering applications, and others related to open source Software-defined networking tools like Open-Flow. You will also find plenty of information on the use of programming languages and their use on the Linux GNU OS currently in use on the Raspberry Pi, and other educational hardware.

We are dedicated to improving the outreach of new technologies around the world through the use of the STEM disciplines. This is based on the belief that through the use of internet technologies, as well as the use of open source software development tools, working on easily obtainable hardware, we can help bridge the technological divide around the world.

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